30 Ways to Pattern Mix Now

Now that we’ve gotten the basics down, taken a look at Pattern Mixing from the runways, and from some talented fashionistas, plus some outfits of my own (123 and more on the way!), how about some outfit inspiration from currently available items? I purposely picked colors and prints that will serve you well in both summer and fall….throw a blazer or sweater over most any of these looks for an extra layer once it turns chilly.

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Pattern Mixing :: On the Fall 2012 runways

It was thrilling to see so many electric patterns on the runways for Fall 2012 — I’m excited to see how my favorite stores translate these runway trends. If you think you can’t take any lessons from the runway to your own closet, think again you silly goose! There’s plenty to learn from the masters of fashion, from shape to cut to layering. Let’s take a look at some patter-mixing examples from the Fall 2012 Ready To Wear shows.


(top: Chanel; bottom: Prada)

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OOTD 7.19.2012 :: Weather Pattern Mixing


What a crazy few days it’s been in NYC weather-wise! After extreme humidity settled in for the early part of the week, yesterday the weather finally broke courtesy of a torrential downpour, complete with hail. My twitter stream lit up with retweets of this insane Instagram photo showing the storm concentrating directly over Manhattan. 

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Pattern Mixing 101 by Shannon

Note: This post was written by Shannon of Aesop to Oz on her previous blog Wardrobe Review. This post originally ran in December 2010 and is being re-printed here by permission. It fits right in with pattern mixing week! Shannon’s explanations and accompanying photos are terrific. 

Tips on mixing patterns and prints into a successful, non-eyesore, outfit.

The most reliable way to mix patterns is to combine large and small. Opposites attract and create balance.
Examples: Large wide stripes with tiny pin dots
Large floral with small dots or stripes
Large argyle or plaid with ditzy floral or tiny dots

Flip any of the above: Large dots with small stripes, Small gingham with large floral, etc.
Busy and quiet: Mix a busy pattern with a large blown out print. Lots of neutral background in the large print makes the outfit even easier on the eyes.

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5 tips for pattern mixing success

In the photo above…top row (l to r): Etro Paisley Print Dress, Etro Fuschia and Emerald Print Dress, Anthropologie Waves Midi Dress, Anthropologie Ruched Stripes Column Dress, Anthropologie Sweeping Stripes Maxi, Kate Spade Amanda Dress, Elie Tahari Rosalee Dress, Kate Spade Solar Miriam Dress. Bottom row: J.Crew Java Tunic Dress, Creatures of the Wind for J.Crew Sleeveless Zip Dress, DVF Shannon Mini Dress, Elie Tahari Ginny Dress, DVF Callista.

Fall 2011 was a very quiet year in fashion — subtle colors, long silhouettes, etc. Not so this year! Fall 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting season filled with brilliant hues and tons of pattern. All this week we’ll be discussing how to mix patterns and prints effectively in your summer-to-fall wardrobe.

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OOTD 7.13.2012 :: Sensing a pattern


I’m beginning to get my fall preview packages from various stores and some clear trends are emerging. One thing I’m noticing from both the runway shows and the clothing arriving daily is pattern. Lots and lots of pattern. So while it’s not quite mentally time to move onto fall clothing yet (despite what stores want us to believe) I think now’s as good a time as any to discuss some of the upcoming trends.

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