OOTD 2.4.2013 :: The long wait is finally over


Wayyyyyyy back in February of 2012, I was clicking through a bunch of the Fall 2012 NYFW shows to see what items would go on my drool list. The top spot was soon taken by this Proenza Schouler photo. Oh that asymmetric hemline! So architectural and perfect. Was it a skirt? Was it a dress? Was it going to make it to production?

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OOTD 10.25.2012 :: Tough and cute


Sweater // Top // Jeans // Bracelets // Pumps (similar) // Headbands (similar)

For the next few days, I’ll be OOTD’ing my winner’s haul from the AG Jeans Lucky FABB contest. If you’d like sizing reviews of the items I’m wearing head over to my other blog, Effortless Anthropologie. And if you want to see the many ways I rock my AG Jeans, check out my past looks.

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OOTD 7.13.2012 :: Sensing a pattern


I’m beginning to get my fall preview packages from various stores and some clear trends are emerging. One thing I’m noticing from both the runway shows and the clothing arriving daily is pattern. Lots and lots of pattern. So while it’s not quite mentally time to move onto fall clothing yet (despite what stores want us to believe) I think now’s as good a time as any to discuss some of the upcoming trends.

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OOTD(s) :: Quick snaps of summer looks

As much fun as it’s been to take photos of my outfits out and about, most days it’s just a quick snap to record what I wore. When I get together with my girlfriends for dinner we’ll take a few minutes to exchange our phones around the table, adoring each other’s favorite looks. We also have an outfit swap board (it’s a private flickr group) where we can post photos and outfit inspiration. For friends who love outfit talk it’s a great resource — I highly recommend it! It means gals can participate even if they’re not in the NYC area anymore. One of our friends whose husband was recently moved to a base out West used it to announce her pregnancy to the group and you could practically hear the squeals of delight through the wires.

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Even the rain could not stop her.

(In the background: Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.)



Before the rain:


In this outfit:
Anthropologie Split Metallic Pullover
Madewell Silk Ballad Dress
Kate Spade Heart of Gold Idiom Bangle
Kate Spade Smoke and Mirrors Idiom Bangle
Kate Spade In the Spotlight Idiom Bangle
Kate Spade An Ace Up Your Sleeve Idiom Bangle

Anthropologie Azimuth Necklace
Doyle & Doyle Deco Diamong Ring
Steve Madden Nubbed Shoulder Bag (old)

Biviel BVC053 scalloped heels (old)

OOTD 6.8.2012 & 6.13.2012 :: Lace and grace, two ways

The problem with being a personal shopper is that sometimes when you style an item for someone else, you end up selling yourself on those same ideas. Although I’ve been out of the professional styling game for about a year due to my hellacious work schedule, when former clients ping me for help I never say no. Loyalty and all that.

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OOTD 3.5.2012 :: Cold weather favorites

The final weeks of an odd winter are upon us and I’m taking the opportunity to wear my cold-weather favorites while I can. While packing for my upcoming trip I realized that I hadn’t worn this wonderful Tracy Reese skirt nearly as much as I’d meant to — an issue that was easily fixed today on this sub-40-degree day.

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OOTD 2.29.2012 :: Sticking with a good thing


Man, being 30 is so weird! It’s like hitting the reset button on your console to move forward in the game. I love it, I know that. Like any milestone year there’s some introspection happening. Have to admit that I’ve spent the last month or so examining my life a bit and figuring out where I’m happy with myself and what needs work. I am by nature a social butterfly but I realized that I had been isolating myself for awhile…why I’m not sure. So it was time to get back out there! Meet new people and see old friends.

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OOTE 2.21.2012 :: Me and Penelope


Ever buy a piece of clothing because it’s pretty and then struggle with how to style it? This was the dilemma I faced with Anthropologie’s Penelope Cowlneck, a top that seems simple from the front and hides a pretty open lace back (seen below). The top will get the full review treatment over on Effortless Anthropologie later today.

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OOTD 2.21.2012 :: Performance Review

The title of today’s post says it all — it’s performance review day at work. It’s a day I always simultaneously look forward to and dread. Outfitwise it means that I fall on the business side of business casual. I tend to give Banana Republic shit for their inferior quality (they deserve it!) but credit it due here. This dress has been a dependable, well-made workhorse for the last couple of years. It has the ability to transition from day to night as needed. And hopefully there will be celebratory drinks tonight! (Wish me luck. I probably need it.)

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